What to ask for to make that happen

Author: Ash Garner

What to ask for to make that happen

£7.32M to spend on Tomoro.

Just joking!

Ok so you’ve set out why this is an immediate and necessary area of focus, the business understands that this is a multi-pronged approach that is about education, federated capability and robust scale-ready foundations. The crucial question is going to eventually come up... how much is this all going to cost?

Of course, this will depend on the size, scale and ambition of your unique business, but we see large enterprises addressing this meaningfully by allocating somewhere between £2M to £10M yearly across their strategic AI workstreams.

Regardless of where you sit in that number, what does stay consistent is the rough splits of how to spend it.

You need to fund three workstreams and aim for an overall pay-off over three years of 10X of investment made. The exact allocation and split of the benefit will depend on the use cases chosen in workstream 3, and the number of colleagues in the business who benefit from workstream 2.

(Note: a rough proportion of the overall investment is noted in brackets).

WS1: education and AI literacy (10%)

A small team (1-3) focused on establishing the human skills, motivation and regulatory landscape relevant to your business on using AI across the organisation. Plus, contributing to the business and technology strategies of the organisation to push them towards an AI-native approach.

WS2: general purpose AI assistant deployment and adoption (20%)

A small team (1-10) focused on selecting and implementing a general-purpose AI assistant tool (e.g. ChatGPT.) Plus, as crucially, helping the business define new behaviours which integrate using AI in day-to-day work and build the adoption campaign to get people excited, motivated and skilled in using the tech.

WS3: AI scale foundations and custom solution development (70%)

A medium-sized team (4-20) focused on co-creating with the business unique solutions which drive meaningful value for the organisation (the type 3 AI agents for core value levers). Also, alongside this business-facing development, designing and building the infrastructure, data pipelines, API integrations, AIOps and LLM prompting and fine-tuning capabilities that will be the foundation of taking business innovation to scale across the business over the next few years

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Tomoro works with the most ambitious business & engineering leaders to realise the AI-native future of their organisation. We deliver agent-based solutions which fit seamlessly into businesses’ workforce; from design to build to scaled deployment.

Founded by experts with global experience in delivering applied AI solutions for tier 1 financial services, telecommunications and professional services firms, Tomoro’s mission is to help pioneer the reinvention of business through deeply embedded AI agents.

Powered by our world-class applied AI R&D team, working in close alliance with Open AI, we are a team of proven leaders in turning generative AI into market-leading competitive advantage for our clients.

We’re looking for a small number of the most ambitious clients to work with in this phase, if you think your organisation could be the right fit please get in touch.