AI is changing everything

Author: Ash Garner

AI is changing everything

When it comes to making your budget decision, decision-makers must keep in mind that the AI landscape is moving ridiculously quickly. Almost everyone needs a level set of where the technology is today in terms of macro-scale impact and capability.

Tied to that, you need to clearly explain why now is the right time for serious investment. Laying out the big picture of how AI is changing the landscape of society, education, government and business will help your leaders anchor to the reality they see in the news and their research.

We suggest before getting into the depths of what AI means to your particular business, lay out the tectonic shift that AI is driving (be that numerical or generative). The two charts below provide a view of the impact and capability of AI systems.



The major differences in Artificial Intelligence to previous technology transformations (i.e. the Internet, mobile phones, smartphones, etc.) can be summarised as:

  • AI is an exponential value-return technology (usage drives value drives usage drives value and so on)
  • It is flexible across all the domains of your business - anything a human can do can be augmented with the right application of smart AI

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